Intensive Care Nursing Course Graduates, 1970. Back row, left to right: S. Johnson, L. Bourbeau, H. Burchett, J. Clarke, C. Doern, V. Gembey, E. McGrath, N. Papineau, S. Buchanan, H. Epp, and B. McInnes; front row, left to right: V. Pedersen, N. Keeling, H. Hudson, S. Spilak, S. Lui, G. Gibney, A. Takchuk, and B. Ariss. Not pictured: D. McLaren, M. Johnson, G. Olson, C. Miller, R. Tayaban, P. Butler, R. Johnston, F. Chantler, P. Eiler, P. DeNeveu, M. Norton, M. Hill, J. Brewe, M. Bedard, L. Condon, J. Hartley, A. Houston, B. Chenevert, and R. Dwyer.

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