PHOTOGRAPHS: Hedie Epp’s Collection


Hedie Epp’s Photograph Collection: 1969-1970

Hedie Epp began her nursing career in post-surgery at Misericordia Hospital in Winnipeg. After traveling in Europe, Hedie returned to Wininpeg and worked for one year in critical care at Grace Hospital, where she also was also able to attend education sessions and lectures. She went to Europe again, and arrived back in Winnipeg just in time to enroll in the Intensive Care Nursing Course offered at the Winnipeg General Hospital in November/December 1968.

Hedie Epp worked as a student nurse in the Winnipeg General Hospital ICU and graduated from the course in 1970. After her time in the ICU, she went on to work in Emergency, as a relief nurse in Toronto, a community nurse in Winnipeg with Klinic, on reserves in northern Manitoba, as a supervisor at Seven Oaks Hospital, and ended her career in the Medical Examiners office in Winnipeg.