Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing, Class of 1905 and 1906

Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing, Class of 1906


Ada Janet Ross (Class of 1905)

[Ada Ross, seated, and two unidentified nursing sisters.]
Ada Janet Ross (1867 – 1918) was a 1905 graduate of the Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing. She was one of the many nursing sisters who lost their lives serving their country during World War I.  Please click on the above link to learn more about Ada Janet Ross.





Flora Lawford, Class of 1906

Flora Lawford, 1906

Flora Lawford was born on August 19, 1883 in Rossburn, Manitoba.  She graduated from Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing in 1906.

During the war, she served with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) before enlisting in the Canadian Army Medical Corps (CAMC) in September 1917.

When serving with the CAMC, nursing sister Lawford was posted to No. 16 Canadian General Hospital, Orpington;  No. 1 Canadian General Hospital, Etaples, France and No. 8 Canadian Stationary Hospital. She was discharged and returned to Canada in August 1919.

After the war, Flora was involved in private duty nursing in Winnipeg before marrying N.L. Nesbitt and moving to Chicago, Illinois. She died on July 23, 1961.


Catherine DeNully Fraser, Class of 1906

Catherine DeNully Fraser, 1906

Catherine DeNully Fraser was born January 15, 1879 in London, England. Her family moved to Winnipeg in 1898. In 1906, she graduated from Winnipeg General Hospital School of Nursing and in 1911 she accepted a position as special duty nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. She was visiting family in England when World War I began. She was accepted by St. John’s Ambulance for foreign service and was sent to France in October 1915 where she served at the Hospital Bristol, Parame, St. Malo, Ille-et, Vilaine. Nursing sister Fraser returned from overseas service in June 1919.

Click here to read a letter written by Catherine DeNully Fraser that was published in the Nurses’ Alumnae Journal about being accepted into service by St. John’s Ambulance.

After returning from the war, she took a course at what was then the Neurological Institute of New York. The family moved to Montreal in either 1928 or 1929 and she joined the staff of the Royal Victoria Hospital, and also did some private nursing.

She died in Montreal on August 23, 1980 at the age of 101.

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